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In my spare time I like to be in the woods with my girlfriend and our two dogs. Or with friends wild camping somewhere in the wild and I like to visit old ruins somewhere in Europe. Walking, making fire and making or listening to music is also part of that for me. Other days I can be found with my jeep in the mud or cruising on the motorcycle.


10 years ago I came into contact with fabrics, I started working on the Albert Cuijp market at the Boerenbonthal. From there my passion for the product grew. The possibilities suddenly seemed endless and trigger the same kinds of ideas in me as wood or steel. After a year of working, I decided to do this together with Jordi, a childhood friend of mine in The Hague under the same flag. Since 2018 we have changed names in order to be able to give an identity to our store. We want to participate in changes and make changes ourselves, this is easier and faster under our own name.

Since the name change, I have broadened my field of work, in collaboration with Jeroen, my neighbor and friend, we have opened a webshop (fabrics and so on).

With another friend Hans Koornstra, I dived into the project upholstery (Wijnands & Koornstra), taking care of the curtains and Hans the floors. I myself was always doing a lot of work for clients and since 2018 with Jorick, also a good friend of mine. Together we set up the installation for curtains . And this is now also starting to take shape within the projects.


As you read I am a creative mind. My ideas are never fixed and develop with time and experience. Similarly in sports and passions, My interest goes to everything that can be fun. When I notice that my focus starts to go to 1 thing, something arises. I give boxing training, and I myself am busy with pole dancing. Sports include injuries and recovery, and after a long search I started walking the path of Reiki. And at the moment there is a lot of attention in my life.


Last year I found out that I was starting to need space for these things. A large warehouse came my way, Hall 11. I built in a showroom, office and storage for the Projects. A training room for boxing and pole dancing . And we will soon start on the workshop, the lounge and the Bar.

I love to be able to work step by step on something that I myself have no idea what it will look like.

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I am Jordi Lieuwen, brand new father of Loïs and happily married to Iris for 2 months. In my spare time I like to play games and I like to watch the football matches of Ajax.

I came to work here thanks to my friend Donny who owns this beautiful shop.
When the plans were made he asked if I wanted to jump into the "deep" with him.
Together we laid the floor, built scaffolding, hung lamps.

Blood, sweat and tears are in this.

'The working atmosphere is very relaxed, a wonderful combination of people with

all their own things.

It's really nice to see how that

all coincide '.


I am in charge of the store on a daily basis . I manage the people who work here, do the accounting and I consult with Donny how / what / where and then I have to fill it in.
This makes me feel responsible for everything, partly because of the store's construction history.

Sometimes too much which is good for me;).

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In 2004 I chose the MBO level 2 'Employee Sewing Room' course to learn how to sew so that I could make cosplay costumes.

However, I found it all so interesting that I decided to continue my education in order to score an MBO level 4 'Fashion Bespoke Clothing'.

I graduated in 2010 and had meanwhile made a large portfolio of cosplay costumes which I was allowed to show at our final fashion show.

However, my passion for cosplay has changed over the years and now my passion lies with ballroom dancing. I really enjoy making clothes for the competitions in which I participate.


Fabrics and materials are so special. It is not yet an end product and the results are enormous!


'The creativity of customers and the contribution of my own creativity is nice and inspiring'.



I learn new methods from experienced seamstresses and pass on my knowledge to new seamstresses .

The store is large and full of colors, prints, textures and above all, very sweet colleagues.


My position at Tessuti is a sales assistant and manager of the studio.

As a sales assistant, I help clients search and find their materials for their projects, help come up with solutions and take orders.

And as a manager of the studio I am mainly busy with making assignments for clients such as; garden cushion, seat and decorative cushions, tablecloths, napkins, mattress covers and even complete sofa covers

Annemarie Mei.jpg


In my spare time I prefer to be found in nature. I like to walk with the dogs and my friend. I also box every week. Since a year I have taken up my hobby photography again. And that goes well with my job as a commercial employee. I am responsible for updating the social media and website. What I make and edit the photos for. I am also a sales assistant.


In 2013 and 2014 I followed the courses Digital Design , Fashion and Photo Styling at Akademie Vogue . There my interest in fashion and design began to grow.

The working atmosphere at Tessuti is very pleasant.

It is nice to form a good and close team with creative people . Each with its own specialty.


I really enjoy contact with customers. I try to help everyone as well as possible and to give advice, so that the customer leaves the store satisfied.




Maandag:           12:30 - 17:30 

Dinsdag:             10:00 - 18:00

Woensdag:        10:00 - 18:00

Donderdag:       10:00 - 18:00

Vrijdag:               10:00 - 18:00

Zaterdag:           10:00 - 18:00

Zondag:              Gesloten


Papestraat 29

2513 AV  Den Haag

T  +31 (0)70 362 8186

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